is an easy way to add a location search to your website. simply copy and paste a few lines of html to add a distance or radius search to your web site. or add the widget to your blogspot blog and allow people to search directly from your blog. because mylocatr is based simply on web standards it can take advantage of your site's current look and feel right from the beginning. no annoying pop-ups or redirecting visitors off your site.

  • comprehensive usage statistics and graphs
  • import locations from an excel spreadsheet or csv file
  • template based system provides easy customization
  • results load on your web site. your look, feel and style
  • absolutely no pop-ups. works with all browsers
  • quick and easy implementation. no programming
  • fully hosted solution. unlimited number of locations
  • search by radius and location category
example uses
  • build a store locator for your business
  • search concert locations for your band
  • share locations of restaurants you've reviewed
  • share places of interest that you've visited
  • share geocaching locations
  • home listings for a realtor
  • track where people are looking for your products
  • create your own categories for narrowed searches
click here to view a demo of the application.