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Here are a few of the other guys:
Ultimate Locator - $249.95
Locator Pro - $250/yr.
Xtreme Locator - $3,750
PhpDealerLocator - $549.95
Bullseye - $545
zipcodeworld - Price varies
Geo Sprawl - Price varies
ZipFindLocator - ????

The basic package is FREE. The premium package is $10/month. Significantly less than everybody else.

Fully hosted is a fully hosted solution which means nothing to install and maintain on your own servers and no software upgrades in the future. Our implementation is a simple copy and paste into your own web page. Users stay on your site, not redirected to some 3rd party or bombarded by an annoying pop-up. No software to deal with at all. Some of the other guys require specific server configurations and software to be installed and maintained. You don't have to worry about that with We're purely HTML and Javascript based.

Want to add a map of your search results to your web site? With that's easy, too. Just sign up for a google maps api key and look at our documentation for instructions on adding a map to your search results. Don't want to add a full blown map but just want to add a link to a map? That's easy with It's all part of configuring your results template. Some of the other guys don't offer mapping or charge extra for it. It comes with the package at

Customizable results
With you can make your results look however you want. We know you've worked hard to build your web site and would like to keep it looking that way. Your locator shouldn't stick out like sore thumb. We provide a powerful template engine that allows you to manage exactly what the search results look like. Because loads in your own pages you can control the styling with your current tools or CSS. Most of the other guys have a fixed look and you can only modify the colors and a logo image. You're stuck with what they give you. With you can control every aspect of the results all within your own web page.

Unlimited usage
You can store as many locations as you want with There is also no limit as to the number of searches that can be performed against your locations. Some of the other guys charge per location and per search. You won't get that type of treatment with

Easy to use
You can be up and running in minutes. is a 100% web based solution that provides an easy to use interface for managing your locations and adding new ones. You can import a CSV file or an Excel spreadsheet. Adding the search to your site is even easier. With a simple copy and paste you'll be up and running in no time flat. Some of the other guys require you to have coding knowledge and database know how. With if you can copy and paste you can use our software. If you have a blogspot or blogger blog you can use our widget to add a search directly to your blog with a single click.

With the premium package we make it easy to categorize your locations however you want. You can tag any location that you want with any category you can come up with. You can then add these categories to the search on your site and allow people to narrow their search based on the category. Want to categorize a location multiple ways? Not a problem. You can categorize a location as many ways as you want. Want to categorize based on products at a certain location? Simple. Want to categorize based on a ratings system (i.e., 1 star, 2 star, 3 star, 4 star)? Absolutely. You're in control. There is no limit.

Wouldn't it be great if you could see where your users are looking for your locations? With's premium package you can. captures every aspect of every search performed and makes that information immediately available to you. You can see some screen shots here of some of the graphs we provide. If you have a location with a url, we capture when the user clicks on that location so you can see which locations are getting the most attention. Some of the other guys don't capture as much information as we do and might not make it immediately available. They also might not have the type of metrics that you're looking for. If you need something we can certainly provide it for you.